Hey everyone!

I went to school in Seattle, WA and lived there for many years after. It is because I have seen what revitalization efforts can do to transform a city, or its neighborhoods, that I am so enthusiastic about what is happening in Downtown Las Vegas. Whether your interests lie in the opportunity to try new restaurants and lounges, or enjoy the latest summer blockbuster in a new theater, or start your own idea for a new business at an incubator, Downtown is teaming with opportunities for you to check out!

Now most of us are already aware of the Container Park and other Downtown Projects (DTP) sponsored in part by Tony Hsieh of Zappo's fame, and developer Todd Kessler - Thank you Tony and Todd! - so this blog is going to cover even newer projects that are complete, in process, or on the drawing board for the Downtown area.


Take Derek and Greg Stevens plans to raze the properties they purchased over the last few years and replace them with a "to-be-announced" project on the site of what is currently, Mermaids, the Las Vegas Club and Glitter Gulch.

The City of Las Vegas continues to expand it parks and recreation services with new and expanded "Green Spaces" in and around the Downtown Corridor. Much of this information was shared at the recent "Livin in The City" event sponsored by the City and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) - Nevada.

Another venue that opened about 6 months ago is the Eclipse Theater. Now theaters with food and adult beverage service is nothing new, but not allowing youngsters in for showings that start after 6:00 PM is. Now I am a mom, but in the summer my daughter does leave town to spend time with family. While away, my husband and I can enjoy a "non-animated film, with no G's in the rating AND an adult beverage", all while in the company of only 40 or so other adults.


My point is this, like all great cities Las Vegas continues to adapt to the changing times and needs of not only it's visitors, but it's residents. I for one am thrilled to see what is taking place in our city and the investment in not only services, but in infrastructure and economic diversity as well, and I hope you get out and enjoy some of it as well! 

Thanks for reading and sharing!



Heidi Winston is a REALTOR, mom, wife, and long time resident of Summerlin. She is a RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, and was recently recognized as one of the "Top 25 Women in Real Estate" by the Women's Council of REALTOR's, Las Vegas. To contact Heidi with your real estate questions, call her at 702-277-6599, or via email at Heidi@WinstonRealtyGroup.com