Betsy Fretwell is a name that you may not recognize, but her mark on the City of Las Vegas is undeniable! This is especially true in the redevelopment that has taken place in the Downtown Las Vegas Corridor. Ms. Fretwell is the long-time City Manager for Las Vegas, and has announced she will be departing for a new position in the private sector. This week's blog is just my way of saying "Thank you" for the work she has done-sometimes literally underground- as it often goes unnoticed by the general public.


When you think about some of the amazing projects that have come to fruition during her tenure, it is an impressive list to be sure. The World Market Center, Fremont East, The Mob and Neon Museum's, The Lee Ruvo Center, the new City Hall Building, and The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, are just a sampling. Just imagine the hours of planning, meetings, organizing and reorganizing that had to take place to make certain that the resources, infrastructure and budgets were  available  to take these landmarks from "vision" to "reality". Mind blowing right? Yet in the middle of all that, and the "Great Recession", Betsy helped manage these, and countless other projects, to not only help our city to rebound, but to be recognized as a "Model City" in the areas of Energy Management and Water Conservation.

Although not a politician, you can't be the City Manager without knowing your way around politics! Politicians come and go, and so do the policies and priorities of their respective administrations. The City Manager has to be able to make all of these resources and monies "work for the citizens" of their community, as well as the elected officials. In this effort, I for one believe that Betsy has been a great asset to the citizens of Las Vegas, and she is deserving of our highest levels of admiration and respect. Please join me in recognizing and thanking her for her dedication to our great city!



Betsy- Thank you for everything! I look forward to following you in your new role, as you take what you helped create here in Las Vegas, to an even broader and more complex audience.


Heidi Winston