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The temperatures and the Real Estate market are both heating up in Las Vegas this Summer! If you believe it is time to put your home on the market, consider the "7 Essential Steps" I share here, and give me a call to discuss a strategy that will work for you!

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Knowing and using these 7 essential, yet simple steps is crucial to achieving the best deal possible - whether you decide to sell your home yourself or hire a professional real estate agent to help you.

Take a look at the seven-step system I have outlined in this blog. Then, if this new approach to marketing your home makes sense and you want to learn more, I'll show you how to skillfully and specifically apply each of these critical steps to get your home sold for the most money in the shortest amount of time!

Step 1 - Understanding the "Total Market" concept of positioning your home to attract the greatest number of buyers.

Step 2 - Using the "Total Market" concept allows you more accurately set an appropriate listing price for your home.

Step 3 - Pricing Your Home to Appear "lower than" market value, yet actually asking for "more than" market value, This one crucial step will get buyers and agents flocking to your door!


Step 4 - Properly advertise and market your home by embracing and using new technologies. This includes the proper use of websites such as Zillow and Facebook.

Step 5 - "Detailing" your home for sale. Your goal is to set your home apart from every other home on the market - instantly attracting buyers to your home.

Step 6 -  Learn how to qualify buyers and negotiate offers. Since we are talking about your money here, the risks of not knowing how to properly qualify and negotiate are too great to ignore or leave to chance!

Step 7 - Understanding and /or  helping the buyer obtain financing, removing contingencies, and closing the sale. You need a strategy to avoid and eliminate potential problems in escrow, which can undermine your sale and create liability on your part.

The better you understand and systematically apply these seven steps, the better the results you will get. Better results means more money, in less time,  and with the least amount of hassle possible, and ultimately, isn't this what you want? 

Heidi Winston is a REALTOR, mom, wife, and long time resident of Summerlin. She is a RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, and was recently recognized as one of the "Top 25 Women in Real Estate" by the Women's Council of REALTOR's, Las Vegas. To contact Heidi with your real estate questions, call her at 702-277-6599, or via email at Heidi@WinstonRealtyGroup.com