The Las Vegas real estate market is on fire and this can greatly benefit you if you are considering selling your home. Current inventory levels only provide a 1.5 month supply of home inventory. That is not a lot.

For reference, when average selling times take more than six months to sell, it is considered a buyer’s market; less than six months to sell is considered a seller’s market and around six months is considered a balanced market. So what does 1.5 months mean? This is a VERY strong seller’s market, which means if you have been thinking about selling your home, don’t wait any longer.

Buyers are aggressively searching for homes and quickly grabbing many homes that come on the market. We are also seeing many situations with multiple offers that frequently increase the price you sell your home for. The quick sale of many properties is causing homes to appreciate, which can be a great benefit to you.

If you have tried to sell your home in the past and not been able to get the price you hoped for or get a lot of interest, now is your chance. Give me a call today and let’s talk about your home and what it is worth and get it ready to list.

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