Have you ever driven up to someone's house for a holiday party or see a new home that's just been completed and think, "Wow, those windows really make that house look incredible!", or, "Who knew you could do that with your windows?"  Below are just a few ideas on how your home can generate that same kind of feeling.

Design Ideas for Dressing Up Existing Windows:

  • Looking for an inexpensive way to change up a window or provide some additional privacy but don't want to completely change out a window?  There have been huge advances in the quality of window films that are relatively quick and easy to apply.  Click Here for a series of amazing ideas on how to change the look, feel and function of almost any window in your home.
  • You can also Click Here and Here for some short videos on how to do apply window films yourself.

Energy Saving Options: 

  • With the cost coming way, way down and continuing to do so, it's now even possible to combine an old idea - the simple window awning - with the new technology of solar panels. Click Here to check out how this architect combined the two in this Seattle home.  You could easily do this in a new or even an existing home!
  • There's probably no limit to the amount of information online about different window types, efficiencies, designs and materials, but Energy.gov has a great page that summarizes quite a bit of it and you can easily branch off from there if you're looking for more technical information.

​​Exterior Ideas: 

  • Adding or updating exterior window shutters can dramatically change the look and feel of your windows in one simple step.  The possibilities are almost endless and they are actually not that hard for the do-it-yourself person. You can Click Here to see a number of very inexpensive options.
  • Click Here for a downloadable quick "How To" guide for designing shutters on your own or with a contractor.
  • Window flower boxes can add an amazing amount of color and vibrancy to almost any window in your home regardless of location. You can Click Here for tons of ideas and, once you've gotten your window boxes built (or bought) and installed, taking care of them can't get any simpler than this!

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Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay