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Just Listed! 1837 Spring Summit Lane, Las Vegas - Offered at $419,000

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Awesome Summerlin home. Three bedrooms and loft with 3-Car Garage, pool/spa and waterfall. Solid surface counters, ebony cabinets, stainless appliances, custom backsplash with lighting and prep island with sink and casual dining seating. The kitchen area offers enough space for a table plus extra storage in the built-in vertical cabinets plus a view of the backyard and pool. Vaulted ceilings in the entry.


Dining and living room with 20-inch floor tiles, recessed lighting and updated fixtures. Good natural lighting. The family room includes a office niche and gas fireplace. Upgraded lighting throughout. The laundry room includes storage cabinets and a utility sink plus access to the garage. Second floor loft offers extra space for office, playroom or relaxation. The spacious master bath offers carpet, a large window, walk-in closet, wiring for wall mounted TV and a private master bath with shower, soaking tub, water closet and dual sinks. Two additional bedrooms with a shared bath are also located upstairs. A powder room is located on the main level. Upgraded tile.

Recently painted exterior and two-tone interior. Pool updates in 2015 include plaster, tile and a new pool heater.  Cool-Decking. Amazing private yard with mature landscaping, fruit trees, covered patio and space to play on the oversized lot. Large driveway. Mountain Crest community in Summerlin provides residents several community pool, a community center, 150 miles of walking and biking trails, playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, grilling stations and covered picnic sites. Great location to shopping, library and parks.

For more information about this home or to see additional photos, visit here. For more information on Summerlin, visit here

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Just Listed - 5522 Jackpot Winner Lane #103, Las Vegas - $219,900!

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Wonderful three bedroom townhome with 2-car garage in Nevada Ranch. Recently installed man made wood floors. Tile floors in the kitchen and dining room. Vaulted ceilings. Two-toned paint with an accent wall in the family room. New appliances including stove with two separate ovens, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher, pantry and good counter space and ample cabinet space.

Flowing floorplan with natural lighting. New lighting and ceiling fans. Large master bedroom with walk-in closet and private bath. New HVAC. Solar screens. New hot water heater. Extra storage shelves in garage. Private backyard with trees and turf and covered awning. Security Door. NEST System. Water Softener. Exterior front of the home is maintained by the HOA. Many amenities gated community, security, swimming pool, splashpad, large park, community trails and nearby shopping.

For more information about this home or to see additional photos, visit here

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Good News for Buyers and Sellers This Spring Selling Season

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Whether you’re planning on buying or selling a home, there’s good news to report as the spring selling season approaches. Slowing sales and growing inventories benefit buyers while record prices benefit sellers, according to data in this month’s RE/MAX National Housing Report.

“Trends of five months or more often indicate significant shifts, and the year-over-year trends in declining sales and rising inventory have both reached that length now,” said RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos. “The big picture supports an ongoing return to more balanced conditions, which is beneficial to buyers and sellers.”

Inventory Bounces Back
Inventory grew 5.8 percent over February of 2018, marking the fifth consecutive month of growth following a decade-long trend of shrinking inventory. Of the 54 metro areas surveyed in February 2019, the overall average number of home sales is down 4.2 percent compared to last February.

Rising Median Sales Price 
Bucking downward trends, the Median Sales Price increased to $240,000, a year-over-year gain of 5.5 percent and a February record in the 10-year history of the report. Four metro areas increased year-over-year by double-digit percentages, with the largest increases seen in Boise, Idaho; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Wilmington/Dover, Delaware.

Home Sales Down
Home sales in the 54-market report have declined year-over-year for seven consecutive months, though February’s downturn of 4.2 percent was the smallest since the 1.1 percent drop that started the streak in August 2018. Leading the month-over-month sales percentage increase were Houston, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

“The next few months will determine whether the shift brings a wave of buyers into the market for the spring selling season,” added Contos. “Members of our network are reporting high local demand along with a need for even more inventory. The optimism for a solid spring exists — and a more balanced market certainly contributes to it.

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Courtesy of RE/MAX Blog

Lucky In Love and House Hunting: Agent Advice to Find the Right Fit

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

If you and your partner are house hunting — don’t let the stress of shopping for a new home dampen your romance. With two different opinions driving the purchase process, it can create disagreements. RE/MAX offers advice and tips for finding your perfect home — together.

“Consider the lifestyle changes most couples face throughout a long relationship,” says agent Lisa Harris of RE/MAX Center in Braselton, Georgia, near Atlanta. “Homeowners are living in their homes longer than ever, so couples need to consider possible lifestyle changes in the future. Think about kids, elderly parents, job changes and hobbies.”

“In my area (metro Denver), I expect buyers to see multiple offers on homes through May and June,” says Manager Phil Shell of RE/MAX Alliance in Arvada, Colorado. “My best advice is for buyers to work with a professional agent who is familiar with the area and offers insights to the local housing market — the way you handle bids over list price and how quickly you react in a seller’s market depends on a specific region’s market. An experienced agent can offer advice on if you should be cautious or a little crazy.”

“I always ask couples to write down their top 10 wants and needs separately, then I compare the lists to see where they can agree — it’s a great starting point for couples to get them on the same page before I begin to show them homes,” says Shell. “If nothing matches on their lists, I have them write down 20, and so on, until they can agree on at least a couple of factors to kick off their house hunting.”

“The first thing I recommend house hunters do is ask their agent important questions,” says Harris. “Questions like, ‘How long have you been in the business?’ ‘How many buyers did you help last year?’ or ‘What are the top three things that separate you from the competition?'” Harris adds that the answers to these key questions allow homebuyers to identify the characteristics and qualifications they value most in an agent. And they also highlight the agent’s strengths that will help guide a couple through the real estate process.

When you are ready to start looking for a home, contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals. 

Reprinted courtesy of RE/MAX Blog

Three Tips for Making Small Spaces Work for Your Family

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Small spaces aren’t the traditionally sought–after spaces for growing families, but with more millennial parents choosing to live a minimal lifestyle — families are adapting to life in homes with less square footage. If your family is downsizing by choice, or by necessity, follow the tips below for creating a functional space that can support your growing family.

Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo
It’s time to purge! Take a tip from tiny home enthusiasts who have chosen to live a simpler life — downsizing means committing to decluttering. Re–gift, donate and sell unwanted items. Eliminate multiples and only keep items that spark joy — and have your kids help.

Every Item Has a Home, Every Space a Purpose
Being thoughtful about what items stay in your family’s space is just as important as figuring out where to store it. Families without the space for a designated playroom may want to consider where toys will be tucked away. Try rotating toys to save space, while helping kids get the most out of playtime.

Go Vertical
Some may say that floor space is the most valued space in a smaller home — but vertical is the way to go! Bookcases, coat racks and shoe trees are all great options for tiny spaces.

Looking for a new home for your family? Contact me today and let's get started finding the right home for you. 

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Reprinted courtesy of Remax Blog

Could the Year of the Pig Prove Lucky for Real Estate?

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

As the Chinese New Year ushers in 2019 as the Year of the Pig, there are strong signs that point to this year as a time of good fortune and blessings. Could you put it to work for you in real estate? The 12th symbol of the Chinese zodiac calendar, the pig is said to be a symbol of wealth, and Chinese astrologists suggest that 2019 may be a great year to invest and possibly make some money. For those born in the Year of the Pig — 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2019 — this is your year! But even if you weren’t born in the Year of the Pig, you can still put all those positive characteristics to work for you when it comes to buying or selling a home.

It is difficult to find another zodiac sign with as much optimism and positivity as the pig. Even with slowing home sales, economic growth remains solid and the Federal Reserve is holding off on any interest rate increases – making 2019 very inviting to first-time homebuyers, downsizers or current homeowners searching for an upgrade. Pigs are known to attract success — so set those priorities and get to work!

It is said that those born in the Year of the Pig will have good luck in investment; now may be the time to pounce on a property while everyone else is stuck on pause. Inventory is bouncing back and more homes are within an affordable reach. Get to work now, rather than waiting until late March when the selling season typically kicks off, and you might just give yourself an edge.

Additional positives for the pig: patience and tolerance. Searching for a new house or putting up a beloved home for sale requires calm and endurance. Stay the course.

Add a little luck to the mix by embracing feng shui in the Year of the Pig. Take note of the lucky numbers of the pig year: 4, 6 and 8. Insert a lucky pig color into your home staging – choose from yellow, gray, brown and golden. Look for homes that are facing the lucky directions, set your sights on southeast and northwest.

Think you’re ready to hit the housing market? Contact me today so we can get started making the year of the pig your lucky year. 

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals. 

Reprinted courtesy of Remax Blog

Mid-Winter Landscaping Tips

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Get Your Lawn & Garden Equipment in Shape Early

It never hurts to get a head start on getting your tools and equipment ready to go. With plenty of time still to spare before things really begin to start growing, now is a good time to get your mower and other gasoline or electric equipment into your local service center before the spring rush starts and turn-around times are much longer.

  • Have your mover and edger blades professionally sharpened.  You'll use less fuel and your finished results will look much better as well.
  • Closely inspect your hand tools such as rakes, shovels, shears and pruning equipment for loose or missing parts.  Make sure the handles are clean and still securely fastened. Put a few drops of WD-40 on all the moving parts as well,

​​Trimming Your Trees, Shrubs and Perennials

Weather permitting of course, the 'dormant months' are ideal for pruning and trimming perennial plants as well as the vast majority of your shrubs and hedges.

If you're thinking about pruning your trees, now is also a great time to prune both evergreens as well as your deciduous trees.  To properly prune your trees you generally just want to cut back only the dead branches and/or any branches that are hanging so low that you have to duck to walk under them when mowing the lawn.

If you're thinking about actually removing any trees or branches requiring anything taller than a step-ladder to reach you might want to consider hiring a professional tree service.

Remember - both light winter snows as well as late winter freezing rains can turn even live limbs, not to mention dead ones, into falling hazards when you least expect it.

Walkways, Patios, Decks & Driveways - The 'Freeze-Thaw' Cycle

Just like your trees and plants, these outdoor surfaces often require special care to weather the cold, winter months.

Walkways, patios, wood decks and driveways can really take a beating in cold weather, especially year-over-year.  The repetitive 'freeze-thaw' cycle over time can cause concrete patios, exterior brickwork and even your driveway pavement to expand and contract.  This damaging cycle can cause at best just uneven surfaces, but at worst, major cracks that are not only dangerous, but only tend to get worse if left untreated.

Anywhere there's a 'joint' or 'seam' in between two surfaces, or, where water can get underneath a surface, this process can cause extensive damage. Repairs can easily run into the thousands of dollars if not taken care of quickly.

Keeping these areas free of standing water buildup as well as debris such as dead leaves or limbs during the winter months will help reduce the chances of damage. If you notice water or ice accumulation take steps now to provide proper drainage.

This can be as simple as a small gravel drainage channel next to a walkway or re-routing a rain gutter onto steps or flagstones.

If you are ready to sell your home or buy a new one, contact me today. Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals. 

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Millennial Monopoly: 4 Real Estate Trends in 2019

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

By Kayla Roofe

What’s behind the rise in homeownership? Growing interest from millennials. Here are the 2019 millennial real estate trends you need to know about this year.

Empowered with Knowledge 
First-time, homebuying millennials are much more informed when it comes to renovations, repairs and real estate process than other generations. Growing up during the development of the internet has made them very tech and research savvy and able to find ways to access important information such as listings, neighborhood reports, HGTV home renovation videos and other types of industry information on their own. In 2019, they will rely on real estate agents to share information that they can’t find online such as neighborhood developments, local market forecasts, local housing regulations and more.

Buying homes – despite rising rates
Millennials continue to make up the largest segment of buyers, accounting for 45 percent of mortgages, compared to 17 percent of baby boomers and 37 percent of Generation Xers. While first-time buyers will struggle, older millennial move-up buyers will have more options in the mid-to upper-tier price point and will make up most of the millennials who close in 2019. As their housing needs adjust over time, millennials are on track to make up the largest share of homebuyers for the next decade.

Sweat Equity
Many millennials grew up watching renovations and makeovers on HGTV, which means many of them are ready to invest sweat equity in their new home. Millennial homebuyers, overall, are more aware of the costs, work and implications of renovations than the previous generations. This is good news as interest rates rise and buyers should be prepared to settle for homes in need of TLC.

New Buying Strategies
Social media continues to impact millennial homebuying habits. They rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions, and a strong online reputation for real estate professionals is a must in catering to this market. In fact, a recent study showed that millennials would prefer to buy a house from a real estate agent influencer over a traditional real estate agent. Showcasing a home on social media, especially on visual-heavy platforms like Instagram, is essential for appealing to millennial buyers.

If you are ready to sell your home or buy a new one, contact me today. Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals. 

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5 Reasons to Get Dirty Indoors

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie
By Kristina Phelan

Baby, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your green thumb ’til spring. Bring the outside beauty of nature indoors this winter with an indoor garden space – it adds natural beauty to a home or supplies edible herbs to spice up those winter meals. We found five positives to planting a winter garden:

  1. Breathe Easy

Do you smell that? It’s clean air! Plants absorb carbon dioxide and in return provide clean oxygen to help purify the air in your home. Although the exchange of carbon dioxide to oxygen is small, every little bit helps when you’re trying to keep a healthy home during flu and cold season.

  1. Fresh Food

Growing fresh herbs is one of the best reasons to start planting indoors. Pluck fresh herbs to add a little texture and taste to your dinners. Bonus-growing your own herbs cuts one more item from the grocery list.

  1. Stress Less

Studies show that indoor plants help to decrease stress levels within the home. Place plants in visible spots throughout your home to help reduce stress and create a sense of natural peace.

  1. Let Them Learn

Starting an indoor garden is great for beginner gardeners who want to start small before graduating to bigger outdoor areas and cultivating indoor plants is a great way to educate others about life and how plants grow. Children love to get their hands dirty and you can lead them through the different stages of the plant growing from seed to maturity. Don’t be surprised when visitors ask about your plants as well!

  1. Low Maintenance & Cost

It’s not only economical to grow indoors, but a little elbow grease goes a long way when it comes to cultivating inside. You won’t be spending hours digging in the dirt or pulling weeds and all you need for success is a container, potting soil and seeds. Add some water and sit in a sunny spot and you’ll be an indoor gardener in no time!

Looking for a home this winter season that has great sunlight for your indoor garden? Let me help you find a home where you and your plants can flourish. 

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals. 

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A Successful Move Is All in the Details

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

By Jessica Thiefels

If you’re about to leap into the exciting, yet hectic, process of moving into a new home, you’re not alone. Nearly 35.5 million Americans move each year, according to data from With so much to think about, from organizing and packing to lifting and moving heavy boxes, it’s easy to forget the little things that can make your life a little easier during a move. We’ve considered all the small details you may have overlooked – tips to make any move smoother and stress free.

Unplug Carefully
Don’t just pull the plug on expensive electronics and toss them in a box – a little planning will help you protect expensive gadgets, like TVs, laptops and stereo systems. Think before dismounting that big, flat-screen TV by yourself. Follow this step-by-step TV dismounting guide to make sure nothing is damaged. Place all user manuals in a folder so they don’t get lost in the shuffle, but don’t panic if you’ve misplaced them because you can usually find manuals on manufacturers’ websites. Consider a professional mover for your more delicate electronics. Atlas Van Lines suggests using a qualified professional to uninstall any wall-mounted AV equipment and to call in advance to schedule an appointment so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.

Food for Thought
Don’t forget about dinner – you still need to eat during a move. Packing up the kitchen is usually the last, most challenging part of the moving process, but if you make plans you won’t go hungry.

  • Donate: Think about donating canned or unopened food to your local food bank. This leaves one less thing to pack and supports your community.
  • Meal Plan: Use the foods still left in your fridge and freezer for meal planning. Take inventory of the foods you have available leading up to the big day. Home Cooking Memories has some tasty ideas.
  • Label and Organize: Don’t pack up those cooking utensils just yet. Label your moving boxes to easily access the kitchen gadgets you still need to whip up a quick dinner. Consider the packing order of appliances you won’t need, like the blender, and place everyday items, like spatulas, on top for easy access.

The Essentials
You’ve unloaded the last box and you’re ready to shower, eat and relax – only to remember that your toiletries are buried in a dozen boxes, spread across the house. Avoid this all-too-common mistake by packing one or two “essentials boxes” that contain extra clothing, towels, toiletries, medications, bedding and phone chargers that will last up to three or four days.

Know Your Limits
It may be tempting to save money by doing the moving yourself, but don’t get in over your head. Know your limits, suggests OZ Moving and Storage, “If you’re not sure if you can accomplish some part of your move without professional help, don’t try. We were called up once by a trio of college students who had gotten their couch stuck in a staircase. Getting in over your head and having to call emergency help is not ideal.” Get quotes from a few moving companies to determine what needs to be moved or packed by a professional.

A successful move is all in the details – but, with a plan in place you won’t forget the small stuff. Keep calm and call me to help make your next move.

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