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Don't Give Up on Produce this Winter: Know Your Seasonal Picks

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Summer produce season has ended, but don’t give up on fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies just yet. Even though today’s grocery stores stock most fruits and vegetables year-round, that doesn’t mean they are in peak season or naturally harvested. If you’re purchasing produce that isn’t naturally in season your grocery bill will show they come at a high cost. Health experts also suggest out-of-season produce doesn’t pack the same punch in nutrients as fresh, in-season produce offers. To help you find what’s fresh-RE/MAX created a list of winter produce purchases that add zest and variety to your winter meals.

Leafy Greens

As cool season vegetables, dark leafy greens can be grown through fall and into the winter in the northeast or northwest regions of the U.S. Leafy greens produced in those areas tend to taste better once exposed to frost. Many of these vitamin-packed varieties, including lettuce, arugula and spinach grow fast in the fall. Be quick to use harvested dark leafy greens because they have a shorter shelf life.

Brussel Sprouts

Many winter dishes include brussel sprouts for good reason: their peak season picks up in the fall through early winter. These smaller versions of cabbage are great to use as a side dish and can easily be stored for a few weeks after purchasing. You may see some of the outer leaves start to die, but removing them before cooking should leave plenty of these nutrient-rich little gems.


This fall fruit grows all summer to be picked at the peak of freshness once fall arrives. Purchasing apples in the winter is almost a guarantee that you will be getting the freshest apples available. Look for signs that state “new crop” to ensure that your apples were recently picked from the orchard and aren’t last year’s harvest. Choose firm apples that are shiny and bright to make sure the freshest apples are added to your winter dishes.


Although these beauties are harvested during the late summer, their ability to stay fresh for a long amount of time makes them an easy choice for winter produce. Potatoes are known for their long shelf life and are used all over the world for this reason. Store them in a dark, cool and dry area of the kitchen to keep them from aging. Use them as a main or side dish in plenty of winter recipes.


This tasty veggie is also known for its ability to keep all through winter. Onions are a great way to add flavor into a dish and sneak in a vegetable for picky eaters. They provide a lot of fiber and Vitamin C to winter diets and can help reduce cholesterol levels. Store onions in a cool and dry part of the kitchen to support their long-lasting qualities. Consider storing them individually, without touching other onions, to give them an even longer shelf life.


Gourds are a great winter produce option that won’t spoil easily. Varieties like butternut and acorn squash are popular in many fall and winter soups and stews. Winter squash continues to ripen after they are picked so make sure to store them in a cool environment that is slightly humid. These vitamin-packed varieties are available from fall through late winter making them a prime option for adding freshness to your winter dishes.


Look for citrus to hit markets right around the end of the year. The southern climates of Florida, Texas, Arizona and California make oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit ample during this time.

Get picky about your seasonal produce-thanks to our southern growers you can still grab the freshest fruits and vegetables, like winter citrus, to add flavor and nutrients to your cold-weather meals.

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

Sellers Find Fall is the New, Sneaky Selling Season

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Summer is traditionally thought of as the best time to buy and sell a home. But, just because the cold weather is approaching and people are getting cozy by their fires, doesn’t mean there aren’t sneaky advantages to going against the grain to sell your home. Here are some reasons to consider fall as the new selling season!

People Move All the Time

Just because the most popular time of the year to move is in spring and summer, does not mean it’s the only time to sell. There are countless reasons why people move and they can spring up anytime of the year – Mom or Dad gets a new job, families move to be closer to relatives or Grandpa retires. The demand for houses is there. Buyers are ready, willing and able to purchase this autumn season! If you’re a seller, get ready for those fall buyers.

Buyers are Looking for Deals

The warmer months are more popular to purchase a home, but there are surprise discounts and perks that have homebuyers searching in other seasons too. As a seller, be aware of the benefits buyers will find if they wait until the fall. There are year-end tax breaks, cheaper moving prices and quicker transactions. Buyers want to be in their new homes for the holidays, that means quicker and simpler closings – huge incentives can entice buyers to purchase a home that is listed in the fall.

No Need to Compete

It’s a myth that no one wants to sell or buy in the fall, so your competition steps out of the game. Take advantage of a less crowded housing market and set the price confidently. Housing inventory is leaning towards a sellers-market, so get out there and sell! Prepare the home to be the ultimate fall oasis: pumpkins everywhere, curb appeal at an all-time high and stage the inside like you work for HGTV. Buyers will be impressed, sellers will rejoice – that’s a score in the fall season.

Look no further to find an experienced agent than Heidi Winston. I can help you take the stress out of selling your home this fall.

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

4 Ways to Get Your Fireplace Ready for Fall

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Is there anything cozier than snuggling up beside the fireplace in fall? With the whisper of cool fall air coming soon, staying inside and watching the crackle of the fire in your favorite comfy spot is the probably something you have been thinking about. The thought of fresh pumpkin spice everything, warm apple pies and a fuzzy blanket to curl up in is enough to get the firewood ready right now!

Before you start sipping on the cider, get your fireplace ready for fall with these four unique ideas from RE/MAX.

  1. Add fire to your fireplace
    Get creative! You can go as simple as a candle sitting on the mantel – to different sized candles in glass containers at different heights. The sparkle and the yummy scents will bring dimension, style and great smells to the room and help your fireplace feel like the epicenter of all things fall. Pro tip: try the Brown Sugar Chestnut Candle to get your house smelling extra nice for the season.
  2. Signs are in!
    You can’t go into a store today without seeing a customizable sign. Take a simple frame with slots for letters and spell out your favorite quote. Or, go a little deeper and get a chalk style board, adding your personal touch with handwriting and design. Add a family saying, your favorite verse from the song you can’t stop singing, or just a word of encouragement will lighten up the mantel and bring smiles all around.
  3. Fall Flowers
    Dress up your mantel with festive fall flowers. From the dollar store to a ritzy florist, you can find the orange, yellow and rustic brown hues you desire. Grab an old mason jar as a vase and start putting together the fall colored flower arrangement that is sure to grab any guest’s attention. Pro tip: string together some fake leaves and wrap them around the edge of the mantel to pull together the entire look!
  4. Pumpkins, everywhere!
    No fall mantel would be complete without a traditional pumpkin or 12 sitting strategically across the top. With fake fruit or real, the traditional look of a few beautiful orange pumpkins on the mantel captures the epitome of fall. Aside from pumpkins, is the idea of switching out the ordinary for a different, yet equally seasonal move. Change out the pumpkins for apples! A subtle switch can give your mantel the envy of neighbors.

Looking for more fireplace fun? Check out this blog on how to keep your beautiful fireplace safe this fall!

If you are in the market for a house that comes with the perfect fireplace to curl up next too, you’ve come to the right place – reach out to us at Winston Realty Group because we will only recommend what’s right for you.

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

Blog courtesy of RE/MAX. 

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