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Travel Doesn't Have to Hurt Oral Health!

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Awardee

Hey everyone! Are you ready for Summer?

With the "Holiday Weekends" and Summer season upon us, we reached out to our family dentist for some suggestions on how to make sure we keep up our dental hygiene while traveling. Since Taylor just got her braces off, we wanted to make sure we protected that investment! Following is the ideas that Dr. Polley and his office sent, and I thought they would be great to share with you.


Happy reading, and thanks for sharing! - Heidi





Ah, Holiday Weekends and Summer Vacation. With the kids out of school and the roads clear, these are the best times to get out of town. Whether you decide to take a plane or hit the road in your family-mobile, travel is a great experience for your family.But it can also be bad for your oral health. Here are some tips to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy when you travel.

Get a Checkup before You Go

Regular dental checkups give us the opportunity to identify dental problems before you notice them. This not only keeps your dental costs down, it can help avoid unpleasant symptoms of dental disease, like a foul taste in your mouth, broken teeth, or discomfort. If you’re overdue for a checkup, make sure you schedule one before you go on a trip. That way, you won’t experience any ill effects while traveling. You don’t want to spend your vacation in pain--or in a dentist’s waiting room!

​Bring All the Tools You Need

When you’re packing, don’t forget to include all the tools you need to keep your teeth clean on your vacation, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, and, yes, dental floss. Just because you’re taking a vacation from home doesn’t mean you can take a vacation from flossing. You know that oral bacteria aren’t going to be taking a break! Travel size packages for everything and covers for toothbrushes make it easy to pack everything without taking up a lot of space. Just remember to air out your toothbrushes every day--that helps keep them clean.





Make Time for Tooth brushing

As we said, you can’t take a vacation from oral care. Just bringing along the tools doesn’t help if you’re not making time to care for your teeth. Make tooth brushing a priority before everyone settles in for bed at night. If kids fall asleep because of all the exhausting full days, they can maybe skip once in awhile, but don’t let it happen too often! ​Mom and Dad, this goes for you, too! Even if you were out a little later than usual, try to get your teeth brushed and flossed every night before bed.



​Don’t Eat with Abandon

The biggest danger to your oral health is probably the way our diets change when we go on vacation. When we travel, we’re more likely to eat more sweets and spend more time sipping from acidic and sugary drinks. This is especially a problem on road trips, where a cola might seem like the perfect pick-me-up on those endless afternoons on the highway. You can protect your teeth by choosing water and other less acidic options. If you need a caffeine bump on the road, get a cup of coffee or tea--without sugar. And remember to take adequate breaks and pass over the wheel sometimes--a car accident won’t do anything good for your teeth!

Smile for the Camera!

Now that you’ve done the work of taking care of your teeth while traveling, it’s time to reap the reward! Show off those pearly whites in your pictures so that everyone will be jealous of your vacation--and your smile!









Dr. Polley is a popular Las Vegas cosmetic dentist with more than 30 years' experience. Advanced education at the Kois Center has helped make Dr. Polley one of the area's elite dentists.  He has been named one of the Top Ten Dentists in Las Vegas and also one of Summerlin's favorite dentists.


Thank You Betsy Fretwell!

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Betsy Fretwell is a name that you may not recognize, but her mark on the City of Las Vegas is undeniable! This is especially true in the redevelopment that has taken place in the Downtown Las Vegas Corridor. Ms. Fretwell is the long-time City Manager for Las Vegas, and has announced she will be departing for a new position in the private sector. This week's blog is just my way of saying "Thank you" for the work she has done-sometimes literally underground- as it often goes unnoticed by the general public.


When you think about some of the amazing projects that have come to fruition during her tenure, it is an impressive list to be sure. The World Market Center, Fremont East, The Mob and Neon Museum's, The Lee Ruvo Center, the new City Hall Building, and The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, are just a sampling. Just imagine the hours of planning, meetings, organizing and reorganizing that had to take place to make certain that the resources, infrastructure and budgets were  available  to take these landmarks from "vision" to "reality". Mind blowing right? Yet in the middle of all that, and the "Great Recession", Betsy helped manage these, and countless other projects, to not only help our city to rebound, but to be recognized as a "Model City" in the areas of Energy Management and Water Conservation.

Although not a politician, you can't be the City Manager without knowing your way around politics! Politicians come and go, and so do the policies and priorities of their respective administrations. The City Manager has to be able to make all of these resources and monies "work for the citizens" of their community, as well as the elected officials. In this effort, I for one believe that Betsy has been a great asset to the citizens of Las Vegas, and she is deserving of our highest levels of admiration and respect. Please join me in recognizing and thanking her for her dedication to our great city!



Betsy- Thank you for everything! I look forward to following you in your new role, as you take what you helped create here in Las Vegas, to an even broader and more complex audience.


Heidi Winston


Home Improvements Add Value!

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Agent

​​Nothing is more motivating to me as a REALTOR, than to hear great stories of really positive impact from past clients. In this weeks update, I am going to share a great success for our clients "Jesse and Ruthan".

When Michael first started working with Jesse back in 2010, the market was still "bouncing" along the bottom. The market had turned from the free fall of prices caused by the mortgage crisis, but the recovery was in its infancy, lending rules had tightened and appraisals were still hit and miss due to nervous lenders. Despite this, Jesse was a well qualified buyer and was able to able close on his house in August of that same year. The home was in good shape, but had not been updated by the previous owner. To turn it in to their dream home, a series of projects would take place over the next several years with Jesse, and his long time girlfriend, Ruthan (they now own the property together), doing much of the design, planning and work on their own. Beyond clean-up and paint, their list of projects included new landscaping, installation of a pool and custom deck, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor lighting scheme and a garage / storage area remodel.

​Larger projects are a slightly different story and Jesse and Ruthan realized that hiring a professional for their kitchen remodel would be a wise investment. According to a recent study by HGTV, they confirmed that kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels continue to deliver the best return on investments for homeowners when it comes time to resell. Now this was not our clients goal as "we'll be here forever because we love this house" is their motto, but an update to the kitchen would also create a more open and functional space.

Their remodel included taking out dated cabinets and a wall to open the space to the dining area. They expanded the counter surface allowing more room for preparation as well as serving their guests. Avid cooks, Ruthan added a pot filling faucet over the stove top for easy access to water when cooking. They also updated the ceiling fans, replaced the lighting scheme and raised the kitchen ceiling height. The finished product is a truly incredible space that allowed them to enhance the functionality, while creating a truly beautiful space in the home.

​Now, one kitchen remodel is a big plus, but adding an outdoor kitchen makes it even better! Entertaining family and friends is one of their favorite ways to spend time. Their backyard had plenty of room for their vision, and again, being true self starters they worked with family to build a great outdoor entertainment space. It includes a gourmet grill, refrigerator, bar stool seating, a sink, covered trellis and enough counter space to entertain around 20 guests.

The payoff? Well saying that our clients are thrilled with their space is heartwarming, buy we also estimate that with the improvements they have made, along with the market improvements over the last few years, their home could realistically list for approximately $125-150,000 over what they paid for it back in 2010, and this is truly wonderful news for them!

Thanks for reading and sharing, and remember, if you have a topic you would like me to write on, simply email me at or call me at (702) -277-6599.


Heidi Winston is a REALTOR, mom, wife, and long time resident of Summerlin. She is a RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, and was recently recognized as one of the "Top 25 Women in Real Estate" by the Women's Council of REALTOR's, Las Vegas. To contact Heidi with your real estate questions, call her at 702-277-6599, or via email at

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