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Sellers Find Fall is the New, Sneaky Selling Season

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Summer is traditionally thought of as the best time to buy and sell a home. But, just because the cold weather is approaching and people are getting cozy by their fires, doesn’t mean there aren’t sneaky advantages to going against the grain to sell your home. Here are some reasons to consider fall as the new selling season!

People Move All the Time

Just because the most popular time of the year to move is in spring and summer, does not mean it’s the only time to sell. There are countless reasons why people move and they can spring up anytime of the year – Mom or Dad gets a new job, families move to be closer to relatives or Grandpa retires. The demand for houses is there. Buyers are ready, willing and able to purchase this autumn season! If you’re a seller, get ready for those fall buyers.

Buyers are Looking for Deals

The warmer months are more popular to purchase a home, but there are surprise discounts and perks that have homebuyers searching in other seasons too. As a seller, be aware of the benefits buyers will find if they wait until the fall. There are year-end tax breaks, cheaper moving prices and quicker transactions. Buyers want to be in their new homes for the holidays, that means quicker and simpler closings – huge incentives can entice buyers to purchase a home that is listed in the fall.

No Need to Compete

It’s a myth that no one wants to sell or buy in the fall, so your competition steps out of the game. Take advantage of a less crowded housing market and set the price confidently. Housing inventory is leaning towards a sellers-market, so get out there and sell! Prepare the home to be the ultimate fall oasis: pumpkins everywhere, curb appeal at an all-time high and stage the inside like you work for HGTV. Buyers will be impressed, sellers will rejoice – that’s a score in the fall season.

Look no further to find an experienced agent than Heidi Winston. I can help you take the stress out of selling your home this fall.

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

Top 7 Home Preps to Tackle Before Fall Temps Drop

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Ahhhh, fall – the air turns crisp and cool, yellow patches of leaves appear to take over the treetops and you’re prepped for sweater weather. But, is your home ready for the season? Whether you do the dirty work yourself or hire out, RE/MAX put together a checklist to help you tackle fall home preparations that can make a big difference of how your home handles the season.

  1. Get your mind in the gutter. If you’re not on top of clogged gutters, you’re just asking for water damage. Water with nowhere to go can lead to exterior and foundation damage and maybe even a flooded basement. It’s a dirty job, but you can do it-or hire it out.
  2. Check the chimney. While you’re up on the roof and the weather’s still calm-check your chimney for damage. Search for loose or broken joints and if the flue cap is still in place. Now’s the time to also attend to any damaged roof shingles or flashing.
  3. Let’s get physical. Once the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll crank up that furnace and put it through quite a workout. Make sure it’s ready to handle the workload by replacing the filter and keep all the vents open so heat can circulate throughout your home.
  4. Turn off outdoor plumbing. Blow out sprinkler systems, drain outdoor faucets and cover them to protect them from the freezing weather to come.
  5. Clean outdoor furniture and gardening tools. Don’t let the harsh fall and winter weather get to your outdoor furniture and garden gadgets. Give them a quick clean up so they are ready for storage over the winter.
  6. Stay safe out there. Fall is a good reminder to perform an annual check of the safety features in your home. Make sure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors get fresh batteries, check the fire extinguisher or replace if it’s six years or older and take this chance to update or practice your fire escape plans.
  7. Pre-plan for spring-blooms. Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs for a big pay off in the spring. Set your sights on a spot in your yard that gets full sun and get digging.

Looking for that perfect home to be in charge of your own home maintenance? Look no further than so I can help make your dream of owning your own home a reality.

September 2018 RE/MAX National Housing Report: 3 Things to Know

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

The September 2018 RE/MAX National Housing Report shows home sales took a 12% tumble while prices remain at record levels.

“The big drop in September closings catches your attention. The market is clearly rebalancing as buyers and sellers continue to process the increasing interest rate environment and what that means to them,” said RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos. “The slower drop in inventory – a visible trend for nearly half a year – further illustrates the ongoing shift toward market equilibrium, and that’s healthy in the long-term.”

To access the housing report infographic, visit:

  1. Home Sales
    The report showed trends of fewer closings and stabilizing inventory that continued through September, punctuated by a surprisingly big 11.6% year-over-year drop in home sales.
  2. Record Prices
    September 2018 posted a Median Sales Price of $241,000 that marked the 30th consecutive month of year-over-year price increases – the price is also the highest September price in the 10-year history of the report. Home prices rose by 5.6% over September 2017, more than twice the year-over-year price increase of 2.3% from September 2016 to September 2017. That reversed a trend seen in the previous three months, when year-over-year price increases trailed 2017’s rate of growth.
  3. Low Inventory
    The number of homes for sale in September 2018 was down 1.0% from August 2018 and down 4.7% from September 2017. Based on the rate of home sales in September, the Months Supply of Inventory increased to 3.7 from 3.0 in August 2018, and increased compared to September 2017 at 3.6.

“It’s a little surprising to see prices staying so strong, but it’s hardly shocking in such a tight market,” added Contos. “The headwinds of rising prices and interest rates amid already tight inventory levels have been crimping affordability and slowing sales for most of the year, but it varies by geography. In circumstances like these, where the market is tricky to navigate, both buyers and sellers can benefit by aligning themselves with a professional agent – a local expert who can cut through the noise and advocate on their behalf.”

To access the housing report infographic, visit

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

The 5 C’s of Credit and What They Mean for Your Home Loan

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

You’ve researched the neighborhood and spent hours scouring listings online. You know the best zip codes and school zones and are ready for the next step in the home buying process – getting pre-approval from your mortgage lender.

There is a lot that goes into determining if you qualify for a loan, but most traditional lenders will consider these five categories:

  1. Character

Your credit score will tell lenders about your character and your credit history. Do you pay your bills on time? Are your accounts in good standing? If your credit score is poor, you should focus on improving it before applying for a home loan.

  1. Capacity

This category measures your ability to pay back your loan. Your income, and your job stability, will come into play here, as well your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. Your DTI is calculated by dividing total recurring monthly debt by gross monthly income. A ratio over 36 percent could mean you’ll pay more interest or that you will be denied a loan. If your DTI is over 36 percent, you should focus on lowering it by paying down your current debt, not taking on more debt and avoiding big purchases, such as a car, on credit before you buy a home.

  1. Capital

Capital refers to the money you have, or will have, to purchase your new home. Buyers with a down payment will have a better chance of obtaining a loan but a down payment is not a necessity. There are various loan programs that do not require a down payment.

  1. Collateral

In the case of home loans, collateral is the home itself. If you default on the mortgage, the bank will seize the home – this is why a home appraisal is almost always required before obtaining a loan.

  1. Conditions

Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market in your area? What is the current interest rate? These are conditions that can impact home prices in your area as well as your ability to get into a home.

Getting pre-approved for a home loan can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure to work with an experienced, full-time agent who can help guide you through the process.

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

Save the Date: Cultural & Special Events in the Las Vegas Area

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

There is plenty going on around Las Vegas all the time and this time of year is no exception. Here is a sampling of events taking place between now and the end of the year. 

The Smith Center

Nov 3 - Glass, Mozart & Bach
All Throughout Nov: The Lion King
Nov 23 - 24: Whitney, Celine & Shania - 3 Divas, 16 Grammy's, 1 Voice
All Throughout Dec:  The Nutcracker

The Springs Preserve

Nov 2 - 4: Dia de Muertos
All Throughout Dec: Springs Preserve Holiday Express
Dec 25 - 31: Christmas Tree Recycling

The Brooklyn Bowl

Nov 1 - 3: Three Night Pass - The Disco Bisquits
Nov 10 - Underoath
Nov 16 - Billy Gibbons

Dec 1 - Fortunate Youth
Dec 8 - Sammy Johnson

The Pearl Theater

Nov 2 - 3: Blink 182
Nov 4 - Maxwell

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Nov 2 - 3: Amy Schumer and Friends
Nov 10 - NF
Nov 26 - Date Skate: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Dec 3 - Date Skate: A Christmas Story
Dec 4 - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Dec 5 - Second Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony
Dec 15 - Kip Moore & Jon Pardi
Dec 19 - Ariana Grande
Dec 31 - Imagine Dragons

Lake Las Vegas

Oct 31 - Adult Halloween Cruise

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

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Change the Life of a Shelter Dog this October

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

You can become a dog’s superhero this month-October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month! You have the power to change the life of a shelter dog by welcoming a new fur-baby into the family. The American Humane Society first established October as the national puppy-loving month to help more than seven million animals currently in shelters seeking fur-ever homes.

If you’re not convinced that adopting from a shelter is the way to find the perfect pooch, we’ve done the research to change your mind.

Don’t shop at a pet store when it’s easier than ever to adopt a fur-baby from a shelter or rescue – over 50 percent of cats and dogs in shelters are never adopted-save a life and support future animal rescue efforts. Also, don’t believe the misconception that shelter dogs have behavioral issues, the Humane Society reported that most shelters are 25-30 percent purebreds! If there is a certain breed of dog you are looking for, search the breed rescue groups in your area too.

If the landlord says no pets allowed, maybe it’s time to buy your own home where you make your own rules. More than three-fourths of Americans in their 30s own a dog according to a recent report and millennials now represent the largest demographic of homebuyers, so it’s no surprise that first-time homebuyers add a pet to the mix when purchasing their first house.

After factoring in the added costs many landlords impose on rentals in the form of deposits and pet fees, it turns out owning a home may be cheaper than renting. Just think, you could give your new fuzzy-faced animal his very own backyard to run around in and I can help you with that.

Find a shelter or rescue near you with the ASPCA’s Shelter Finder to start your search. If the search to add a pup to your family has you thinking about upgrading to a home to call your own, you’ve come to the right place! I will work with you to help you find the right home for you and your and your pet. 

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

Come Around to Color

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

The current trend of designing your home with grays, gray-ishes and now greiges (a gray-beige mix) may make it more difficult to be inspired to add a pop of color to your living space. RE/MAX recommends that you start small with an out-of-the-way, made-for-color room like a kid’s bedroom or entertainment room.

Customize Your Interior
There’s no need to go shopping for something new when you can use what you already have. Don’t be afraid to add a bright green picture frame and add in a couple of colorful pillows, artwork and rugs that complement the decor. Suddenly-you’re a master at color! Our friends at Apartment Therapy offer a tour of The Most Colorful Home in London (Possibly the World) for further inspiration.

Make a Statement 
Dramatic color can help you make a bold statement in your home. Find the perfect accent wall in your home that visitors will see as they first enter your house. Paint color says a lot about someone’s personality-make your favorite shade speak for you.

Start a Collection
Whether it’s pillows, dishes or vases – a colorful collection shows a coordinated look. Or curate a gallery wall that adds color and personality. Find some inspiration and start collecting.

Stop to Smell the Flowers
Flowers go with anything. By adding flowers to your home, you can instantly add a pop of color to any room and the beautiful scents are just a bonus. Don’t make it hard, shop local or just pick up a bouquet the next time you take a trip through your grocery store.

Ready to try your hand at a new color palette in a new space? Visit so we can help you find the perfect new space to add a splash of color.

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

4 Ways to Get Your Fireplace Ready for Fall

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Is there anything cozier than snuggling up beside the fireplace in fall? With the whisper of cool fall air coming soon, staying inside and watching the crackle of the fire in your favorite comfy spot is the probably something you have been thinking about. The thought of fresh pumpkin spice everything, warm apple pies and a fuzzy blanket to curl up in is enough to get the firewood ready right now!

Before you start sipping on the cider, get your fireplace ready for fall with these four unique ideas from RE/MAX.

  1. Add fire to your fireplace
    Get creative! You can go as simple as a candle sitting on the mantel – to different sized candles in glass containers at different heights. The sparkle and the yummy scents will bring dimension, style and great smells to the room and help your fireplace feel like the epicenter of all things fall. Pro tip: try the Brown Sugar Chestnut Candle to get your house smelling extra nice for the season.
  2. Signs are in!
    You can’t go into a store today without seeing a customizable sign. Take a simple frame with slots for letters and spell out your favorite quote. Or, go a little deeper and get a chalk style board, adding your personal touch with handwriting and design. Add a family saying, your favorite verse from the song you can’t stop singing, or just a word of encouragement will lighten up the mantel and bring smiles all around.
  3. Fall Flowers
    Dress up your mantel with festive fall flowers. From the dollar store to a ritzy florist, you can find the orange, yellow and rustic brown hues you desire. Grab an old mason jar as a vase and start putting together the fall colored flower arrangement that is sure to grab any guest’s attention. Pro tip: string together some fake leaves and wrap them around the edge of the mantel to pull together the entire look!
  4. Pumpkins, everywhere!
    No fall mantel would be complete without a traditional pumpkin or 12 sitting strategically across the top. With fake fruit or real, the traditional look of a few beautiful orange pumpkins on the mantel captures the epitome of fall. Aside from pumpkins, is the idea of switching out the ordinary for a different, yet equally seasonal move. Change out the pumpkins for apples! A subtle switch can give your mantel the envy of neighbors.

Looking for more fireplace fun? Check out this blog on how to keep your beautiful fireplace safe this fall!

If you are in the market for a house that comes with the perfect fireplace to curl up next too, you’ve come to the right place – reach out to us at Winston Realty Group because we will only recommend what’s right for you.

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

Blog courtesy of RE/MAX. 

10 Random Acts of Kindness

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

More than anyone, RE/MAX understands that real estate is local. In a business as community-driven as ours, building a supportive community is in everyone’s best interest. Wouldn’t you like to be a good neighbor? First proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, National Good Neighbor Day, celebrated on September 28, is an easy way to recognize human understanding and build strong, thriving communities-RE/MAX found some great ways you can show your community that you care.

  1. Tape a buck. Grab a roll of tape and stick a dollar or two to the vending machine in the breakroom with a note that says, “This one’s on me.”
  2. Big tipper. Doubling the normal tip amount on your dinner bill is an easy way to put a smile on your waiter or waitress’s face.
  3. Pass the java. Cover the order of the person you see in your rear-view mirror in the coffee shop drive-thru.
  4. Bake a batch. Who doesn’t like to be greeted with enthusiasm when you walk into the office? Carry in a big batch of sweet treats to help your coworkers get through another Tuesday.
  5. Let someone cut-in. Go ahead! Make the day of that young mom with three screaming kids. You’re in no hurry, let her cut ahead of you in the long line, just this once.
  6. Pocket change. Find the nearest parking meter and drop in a few quarters as a treat for the next person that must feed the meter.
  7. Visit your loved ones. When’s the last time you stopped by the cemetery to visit family or friends who have passed? Pick some wildflowers to brighten up someone’s gravesite.
  8. Offer to help. If you see someone in the grocery store parking lot who needs help with loading their groceries in the car-help them out! Bonus points if you return their cart to the store.
  9. Hold the door. What’s the hurry? Wait a longer amount of time than you normally would to hold the door for someone walking in a little bit behind you.
  10. Leave a note. Stick a note or a piece of scrap paper with a motivational quote to the bathroom mirror to spread positivity and kindness.

If you have been looking for a new home in a neighborhood that values community — reach out to us at Winston Realty Group

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

Blog courtesy of RE/MAX. 

Just Listed - 5544 Green Ferry Avenue, Las Vegas! Offered at $389,999

by Heidi Winston, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Recipie

Awesome home. Two RV Parking Spaces, one in the front and one behind the gate. Large pool and spa with oversized stucco covered patio with two ceiling fans. Two waterfalls spill from the spa to the pool. Four bedrooms and spacious loft, two full bathrooms and one half bath. Large kitchen with granite, maple cabinets, new backsplash, newer stainless steel appliances and HUGE walk-in pantry. Kitchen offers a great view of the backyard pool and spa. Kitchen nook offers great space for everyday dining.

Family room offers great space for relaxing, play room for kids or space for your pool table. A spacious living room and powder room complete the main level. New wood floors, new carpet and diagonal tile. Freshly painted. New baseboards. Spindle staircase. French doors lead into the spacious master bedroom, which also features a private balcony and a large walk-in closet. The master bath offers dual sinks, a soaking tub and separate shower. Ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms. Stainless refrigerator and front load washer and dryer are included.

Desert landscape. New Kinetico water softener. NEST System. Security cameras. Low maintenance landscaping. Large concrete pad in the backyard provides lots of options. Super large covered patio with three ceiling fans and a private backyard with lots of room for enjoyment. Great location near parks with walking trails and kids play area, shopping, 215 freeway and Creech and Nellis Air Force Bases.

For more information or to see more photos of the home, click here

Contact Heidi Winston of Winston Realty Group for all of your real estate needs. For more information or to schedule a showing, visit or email Once you work with us, you'll be glad we're your real estate professionals.

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